Our program is based on 6 pillars that promote early childhood development using a unique, holistic blend of mind-body learning through play

We Grow Great Kids

Movement & Mobility

Our  kiddos move ALWAYS in ALL WAYS. Sessions are physically active, generally resulting in a good sweat. Patterns of Movement include walking, jogging, skipping, running, leaping, rolling, crawling, pushing, pulling and carrying. Full ranges of deep motion are explored through stretching, balancing and holding position and posture. 


Classes involve challenges and activities which help develop understanding, time management, reasoning and problem solving skills. Tasks include counting, determining ratios, organizing groups, analyzing, presenting, identifying problems and more.


At early ages kids can be egocentric... who are we kidding - adults can be egocentric! Working positively and effectively with others is seminal for young learners to develop early. Through teamwork, our learning outcomes include: developing a clear direction, holding open and honest communication, defining roles, holding others mutually accountable and accepting and mitigating differing opinions.


Young learners exchange ideas, thoughts & knowledge with their peers in small groups as well as in presentation settings. All activities require some sort of communication. This dialogue helps foster trust, relationships and confidence (leadership). Solid communication skills also lead to growth in the area of emotional intelligence, which includes self awareness, self regulation, motivation and empathy.


Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is everything! It's the preview of life's coming attractions." Young learners are encouraged to use imagination & "outside of the box thinking" when approaching challenges. We encourage looking at problems from fresh perspectives that may lead to unorthodox solutions. Brainstorming, experimenting, exploring and questioning assumptions are common place in sessions.


The activities and games we "play" are always big hits with the kiddos. We've realized over the years that it's the enjoyment which keeps young learners so engaged, and in turn it's that engagement that promotes their learning, most often without even realizing it - truly "Learning through Play".

 “It is in the context of play that children test out new knowledge and theories. They reenact experiences to solidify understanding. And it is where children first learn and express symbolic thought, a necessary precursor to literacy. Play is the earliest form of storytelling. And, it is how children learn how to negotiate with peers, problem-solve, and improvise.” 
- Katie Chiavarone, author of  "The Undeniable Power of Play"
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