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If you're a self-motivated, high-integrity person who's passionate about early childhood development, come join the Active Minds team!

Help Us Grow Great Kids

Here at Active Minds, we adhere to the “Each One Teach One” philosophy. A major part of your duty as an instructor within the organization is to be a passionate teacher, a caring mentor, a strong leader, and an exemplary role model to our young students. In addition to your teachings, our mission is for our instructors to also benefit from other instructors. Two heads are better than one. We strongly encourage instructors to lean on each other for ideas, advice, questions on how they are creating and innovating in their own sessions. We can never stop learning, even as the teachers. Furthermore, regular discussions, film studies and evaluations with the administration and lead instructors will spearhead your growth as an educator. The better you are, the better you can be for the students.


We are firm believers that great minds think alike. AMC has created an instructor referral program, where current instructors can earn bonus compensation by referring high character individuals to be apart of the AMC family. Understand that ANY instructor your refer is a direct reflection on yourself and your values as an instructor. We ask that you look for high integrity, motivated individuals that want to make a change and be apart of something special.


Let’s change the world one student at a time!

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