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Dina Nagi

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Dina's passion for education, youth and training started with her work at Seattle Children's Hospital, where she was able to train over 100 volunteers, the majority being young adolescent teens. During her time at Seattle Children's, Dina also attended the University of Washington, where she received a minor in Education & Learning, as well as Diversity, and participated in the Dream Project, a program focused on helping youth prepare for college through mentorship. As part of her minor in Education & Learning, she became a part of the Pipeline Project, a course that supports underserved schools in the greater Seattle area. This gave her the opportunity to teach and volunteer at Broadview Thomson Elementary School for the 2011-2012 school year. With her combined experience, she believes that with engaging and mindful education, we can set-up our future leaders with every tool they need to be successful, and happy.

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