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Kelly Edwards

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Kelly was born and raised in the Seattle area and has deep roots in the community. Kelly’s comes from an athletic background which includes playing collegiate basketball at Lewis & Clark College, where he majored in Psychology. After his playing career finished Kelly immediately dove head first into working with the youth. In 2010, while still in college, he founded LOCALHOOPS Training Academy, a basketball training and mentorship program. LOCALHOOPS works with 800-1,000 athletes per year offering a wide range of programs for athletes who are just starting out in sports, to athletes who are looking to play at the collegiate & professional level. Kelly has a passion for youth development and is a firm believer that the youth is our future. AMC has been an amazing way to connect with children from all different backgrounds and cultures. Kelly is also a father of three children himself, two boys and one girl. "Parenthood has made me a better coach & a better instructor. Being a father is my new passion and my number one job in the world!” Kelly has brought what he has learned from almost a decade of working with the youth in competitive sports, and brings a fun, creative and structured feel to our program!

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